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I want to help 20 People get Business Documentation Skills that will allow them earn a minimum of N100, 000 monthly for a lifetime. You want that?

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Many Global and International organizations are working to support people all over the world to pick up their lives, businesses and NGO again after the global pandemic and lockdown.
The demand for business documentation is on the increase.
A Business Plan is one of the most comprehensive document required among all Business Documentations, with a ready-made business plan you can have the following:

  • Ease Access to Millions of grants in local and foreign currency
  • Ready-made Authoring for your website
  • A pitchdeck to engage investor
  • Financial Projections for 3, 5 or 10years
  • Detailed Revenue Model
  • A well thought out Business Model
  • Marketing Plan
  • Ease of developing proposals
  • A Business Model Canvas
  • Ease of developing your company Profile

  • People are wondering how they can start afresh after the loss of Job, reduction in salaries, stagnation or drop in business revenue etc. There are massive opportunities everywhere with funds to support people who are ready to demonstrate their business readiness.

    WHO AM I?

    I am Osayi Tres Omokaro
    Those I serve call me Father of Startups, I am a Tony Elumelu Awardee 2017, and I founded Treskaro Systems & Solution (
    Before I got awarded the Tony Elumelu Foundation grant of $5,000 I had helped close to five other persons to access the same grant and many others, after 2017 I have assisted more than 15 people to prepare their documents who had accessed TEF Grant of $5,000 each and so many other grants
    I have assisted other companies to prepare their Business Documentations who have accessed Million Dollars’ worth of financial and non-financial supports from Local, National and International competitions, Agencies and even government.
    We have worked with people who saw investors scrambling to fund their ideas while still on paper, because of the detailed documentation of the business and clarity of the idea.
    We are transferring this skill to you in a 1-month practical session over WhatsApp or Telegram

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    as we can only accommodate 20persons in this session, if you miss this you may have to wait tills June 2021

    1. Free Pitchdeck (N20,000)
    2. Free Application for one grant opportunity (40,000)
    3. Free Consultation for your Business for another one month, 1hr weekly (N40,000)
    4. Your Fully Developed Business Plan (N100,000)

    Total Value of this session is N200,000

    Only 20 persons are getting this for 10% of the total worth (N20,000) on the basis of first pay first serve every other person will wait till June 2021.

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